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Uoipo[as Essay

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In my opinion, money is very important to us because of its value in our daily life. As we can see, people use money for all activities and about 90% human’s problem can be solved by money. Especially, nowadays, more and more students choose business courses rather than liberal arts because they want to earn more money in the future. Besides if people have money, their life become more easily and they also have less pressure on financial issues. They can do everything they want such as travelling, eating in famous restaurant, shopping to reduce stress in their work as well as their life. In addition, money is a tool which helps people set the rules and controls the others. For example, a wealthy businessman often received higher respect from the society and their words will affect many aspects in life or people around them. More than that, money contributes to increasing living standards of people. When people have money, they can buy nutrient food, clothes, build house and take care of for their family. In contract, when people do not have money, they have to face with some serious problems such as they cannot ensure for their life and buy the things they need. Moreover, money is a factor which affects to people’s studying. If people have money, they can go to school.   They also can buy book and laptop in order to serve for their study. Therefore, they will receive higher education and more knowledge than other people. Finally, the best advantage of having money is that people’s health will be protected and improved efficiently. For rich people, they can pay a lot of money for checking health in the best hospitals with the best doctors and best technologies. Otherwise, when poor people get sick, they mainly depend on social subsidies with cheapest medicines and they also do not get good treatment from the doctors and nurses. Thus, if you have money, everything will be all right but if you are penniless, it is actually a difficult problem for us. Thus, I believe...

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  • on November 11, 2013
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