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Unexpected Event Essay

  • Submitted by: coolkat456
  • on October 20, 2012
  • Category: English
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When my uncle Carlos was diagnose with Liver and Lung cancer it was a shock to me and everyone in the family.   I remember the day my uncle sat us all down in the living and told us he had Liver and Lung cancer.   I recall my dad telling him “that he’ll beat this because that’s what we Campbell’s do fight anything in our way,” my uncle sat there agreeing with him and smiling.   I didn’t say nothing I sat there giving him a blank stare looking for an answer to an unknown question I had while processing what he just told us then I stood up and just went in my room.   Later as I look back I remember a look he had on his face as if he knew he was going to lose this battle and die.
The next couple of months he was in and out hospital getter thinner and sicker.   In the house he was always taking some kind a medicine while he watches his western channel.   Sometimes I thought he should have just die instead of dying slowly and painful, I felt helpless and pathetic because I imagined myself saving him some kind of way but I knew I couldn’t it was out of my hands.   One day he came home and told us that was getting better that the cancer was going away I was happy and I hug but there was still doubt in the back of my head like a voice saying, “don’t get too happy, it won’t last for long”. I ignore that voice in my head because I wanted my uncle to get better, to live longer to see me graduate high school and college, and witness my accomplishments that I was going to make and the person I was to become.

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