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Tutoring Essay

  • Submitted by: LovE_hUrtSs
  • on February 28, 2008
  • Category: English
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              You have recommended that i should go to tutoring every saturday. I support your recommendation for me to go to tuttoring. I would like to go to tutoring because I need to improve my grades because Inorder to graduate I have to pass all of my classes. The purpose of tutoring is to help us help our selves, and to assist us the students in overcoming specific deficiencies in the suject areas of our academic programs and to aid us in our development of proper study skills and increase the effectiveness of the time that we spend studing.

              To be honest I have not been giving the attention it needs to my class work.   I have been lacking off by not concentrating and not giving the time I should give to my education. I believe tutoring would help me to improve in this subject because it offers more individualized, systematic, structured learning experience and it   will help me to improve attitude toward this subject area. It would be good because there won't be too many students so that the teacher can give each of us more independent time and that would help me to focus and to understand. It will help me with such techniques as time management, test taking, studying, notetaking, organizing, representing, and remembering concepts and their relationships.

              Tutoring will help me to master effective study habits and critical thinking skills as I develop a greater understanding of class material. It will also help me to discover my strengths and will encourage me to develop in areas that need improvement. In tuttoring we the students who are being tutored are more accountable for our actions, when a person is able to provide us with positive reinforcement, continuous encouragement, combined with technical expertise and constructive feedback. Individual attention is essential for confidence to increase, learning to take place and grades to improve.

              In conclusion I believe tutoring will help me gain...

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