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Traffic Light Cameras Essay

  • Submitted by: kevincadien
  • on March 27, 2012
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Red Traffic Light Cameras
      Technology continues to provide innovative ways to help in the prevention of law violators.   One approach through advanced detection and imaging technology is the use of Red light safety cameras.   These safety cameras were designed to monitor intersections and effectively reduce the number of red light runners resulting in accidents. The intent of red light cameras is to record motorists as they intentionally enter an intersection after the signal turns red. However, the use of red light cameras has resulted in more tickets being issued to motorist rather than providing safety.   There has been rising controversy over the recent installment of photo enforced traffic light cameras for this reason. Red light cameras do not improve traffic safety, in fact they are only installed to generate revenue and have increased accidents.
      Supporters of the cameras claim they increase safety and reduce accidents. However, opponents argue the cameras only bring in revenue for cities and do not prevent accidents. The idea to implement these cameras is to prevent or reduce the
number of accidents at intersections.   According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (I.I.H.S.), “Red light cameras work and have reduced side impact accidents by an average of 24 percent and accident injuries by 16 percent.” (Insurance Institute).   .
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The installment of these cameras has definitely been an asset to cities. As a result of the program, it is believed that the red light cameras have deterred motorist from running red lights and reduced accidents.
      It has been documented that the number of accidents has increased by 20 percent since the red lights cameras have been installed. Opponents also believe the camera only brings in revenues for cities and does not prevent accidents. For example, drivers must make a split second decision to either slam on the brakes, and risk being rear ended or run the red light. However, this may...

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