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Tqm Case Essay

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TQM exemplary organization (Siemens)
Siemens PAK is one of the largest engineering companies in Pakistan. Siemens has adopted latest technological tools and innovative ways to be a role model for all engineering companies.
Here we are presenting a real case study of Siemens Pak, regarding their Generator problem. This case study gives us the insight that how effectively they identified root cause; solve the problem, and improve by using DMAIC methodology.

Problem: Siemens received number of complaints from customers about malfunctioning of generators. This was a serious matter of concern and needed to be addressed smartly and efficiently to achieve total customer satisfaction which is the goal of every organization.
The management at Siemens decided to use the DMAIC methodology which is concern with the six sigma process. They used DMAIC to identify and remove the causes in order to remove the reported malfunctioning of the generators
Define: In initial process of DMAIC, problem and goals were defined to identify the root cause of MALFUNCTIONAING OF GENERATORS.
Measure: In measurement process a cross functional team was formed from different departments, including members from the top management for supervision. The team was to analyze the whole production and delivery process, collect the data of complaints from the complaints department, conduct interviews of the personnel involved, also conduct interviews of the dissatisfied customers and also visit site of installation where required
Analyze: After analyzing the data, the cross functional team found out that there were a number of faults detected but most number of faults occurred in the control module of the generator, another key fact found out by the team was that even if some malfunctioning was detected during tests of the generator, the test reports were not sent to the functionaries which made them unaware of the occurring problems. This shows lack of proper communication between the departments....

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