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Tqm Analysis Of Walls Icecream

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      The requirement of our Total Quality Management Project is to study the quality elements of any industry in Pakistan. For this purpose we have chosen an ice cream industry in Pakistan and especially on ‘Walls’ (Ice Cream)

      It is a product of Unilever which is basically a Dutch manufacturing company, has more than 40 years experience in ice cream industry and is ranked among the top companies in the world as far as ice cream is concerned. It has global network in the world. Unilever is the multi national company and In Pakistan it is working under the name of Lever Brothers and Walls ice cream is a product of Lever Brothers.

      The reason we opted for the project is an easy access to their local office so that we can get required knowledge and also can have easy access to information. Unilever is a renowned company, having a major market share in globe. Pakistan is a big potential market, has favorable demographics, right climate and that ice cream market was much below potential before the arrival of Walls, and there was no multinational competition at that time. Walls are facing a stiff competition with Igloo, Yummy, Rocco, and Hico. They are there local competitors and the main global competitors of Unilever in cold chain are Nestle, Hagen Dazs.

      We talk to people about whether this project is feasible or not and then consult our instructor and try to convince him on our research methods and after the consultation with him, we have divided our project in three phases. The first phase will include the company introduction, SWOT analysis, and quality measures of raw material, processes, human resources, and Company’s future prospects. We also made a brief comparison of overall market situation in Pakistan as far as ice cream is concerned. The other brief areas of discussion were 4p’s, market segmentation of the company, its market share, annual sales, target market and then future promotional strategies.


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