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TMA 02

Outline and assess the contribution of the social psychoanalytical perspective to the study of family relationships.   Make use of the interrogative theme of individual-social in your answer

This essay will explore this question by looking at how researchers adopting the Social Psychoanalytical Perspective (SPP) study family relationships, and the key elements in this perspective.   It will also look at what is meant by individual – social dualism and how this relates to the question by using the relevant research study that involved the five Asian sisters in Edwards and Lucey’s sibling research. (Edwards et al, 2006)
Developmental psychology focuses on the family as the source of ‘causes’ and ‘outcomes’ in individuals; concerning emotion, intelligence, education, and a steady focus on the mother-child interaction.   For example, the view developmental psychology takes, is that a mother’s interaction with a young child may forge certain outcomes on ability, failures in this area may result in poor outcomes, such as behavioural disorders or reduced ability to learn.   Development psychology very much basis itself on the idea that the family is a complete separate entity from external social factors, and also adapts a very generalised view that the processes that occur within family’s and between family members can be applied entirely to all family’s. The SPP takes a much more fluid and changing approach towards the study of family’s.   This perspective looks at a much wider influence, including outside influences such as culture and race and social forces merging with the individual.   The SPP considers the diversities that exist between families, and considers the meanings and experiences that can occur between these diversity’s. SPP identifies what this may mean to those within a family and those factors from out side of the family that may bear an influence.   It looks at a constant flow between these two forces, those within the family, and ‘outside’...

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