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There Are No Children Here Essay

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Below is an essay on "There Are No Children Here" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Longer Paper on the book:   There Are No Children Here

Now, that you have read the book I would like you to write a 3 – 5 page paper on the book.   I have included some specific topics I would like you to address in the paper.   I have provided the questions now so you can use them to help you as you read the book.

Objective of this project:   To understand the environment of economic, social, educational, cultural and recreational deprivation which are interrelated and which reinforce one another.

Step One – The Introduction of the Paper:
Go to the website: www.http://citynoise.org/article/1727
and the website

You will see photos of the Horner Housing Project where Pharaoh and Lafayette lived.   Based on what you have read and what you see, comment on the following quote from the book, found on page 259.

“In 1968, a presidential commission on urban problems wrote of Chicago’s public housing that “the sheer scale of such projects . . . is stultifying to the human spirit.   Administration is heavy-handed.   The . . . child caught in such a social environment is living almost in a concentration camp from which he has little chance of escape.”

Required Questions for the body of the paper:
1.   Keeping my objective for this assignment in mind and the quotation above, respond to the question:   What would you say about the community into which Lafayette and Pharaoh were born and raised.
2.   Now that you have thought about the conditions, what title would you suggest for the book?   Give some reasons from the book for your title suggestion.
3.   I asked you not to read the epilogue, because I would like you to take your hand at writing what you think might have happened to these two boys.   (this should be one page in length)

Step Two:   Expand the body of the paper
.In addition to the questions above, select at least three of the questions suggested below to include in your paper about the book.

1.   What scenes...

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