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Theory Application Exercise Essay

  • Submitted by: OlgaB
  • on October 9, 2011
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1. What are the most likely reasons that children in middle school are absent or tardy?
In my opinion, chilldren in middle shool can be absent for the several reasons.
Firstly, they can be not disciplined enough and don't take seriously their school responsibilities.
Secondly, some kids could be lacking motivation for the study and thus would neglect their opportunity for learning and school rules at the same time. Thirdly, children can have the desire of missing school if they have some relationship problems with other students or school personnel.The forth reason for the school absence is that children can be stressed out because they are overwhelmed with their sudies and from time to time they can miss school because of that.
The reasons for the tardiness could be again not satisfactory level of the discipline of the children, kids being overwhelmed with the school(going to bed late because of it and having problems for getting themselves ready for school in time in the mornings) and also just regular traffic problems on children's way to school.
      2. What theories are reflected in the different views and approaches recommended by the teachers and the principal? From what you know about theories related to uman development, how are the following theoretical perspectives represented in this case?

A) In Approach A the Operant Conditioning theory is reflected. The tokens, which children will receive every time they arrive on time, and free movie rental coupons for the improved attendance record serve as the positive reinforcements or stimulus, which icrease the repetition of desired responses(good attendance and absense of tardiness).

B) I suppose, that Psychosocial theory is represented in the Approach B. Theory accounts for patterns of individual development that emerge from a biopsychosocial process: person's development is a product of interaction between individual(biological, psychological needs and abilities) and social...

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