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Thematic Essay: Individuals And Change

  • Submitted by: lilny20
  • on April 2, 2012
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Throughout history, individuals often brought change to society with the development of their ideas. Mohandas Gandhi and Mao Zedong had significant effects on the lives of their people. In both cases, post- World War I circumstances forced these individuals to want to gain power and stability for their societies. Their movements’ results changed the world.
Mohandas Gandhi led the drive for independence in India and gained it more power than it had before his protests. India was in a frustrated state after WWI. During the war, Britain promised India a greater self-government but only proposed some minor reforms. Mohandas Gandhi fought against injustice and developed the idea of passive resistance and civil disobedience. One of his nonviolent actions was boycotting of British goods in order to restore pride and unite India. He also organized the Salt March and gained support from all around the world. Gandhi’s ideas of nonviolent movements slowly forced the British to give India some power. Although he didn’t achieve full independence for India, he took the first steps in bringing India closer to freedom.
Mao Zedong fought to create a stable and well-organized government in China. China was suffering from civil wars and foreign invasions. Internal problems, foreign imperialism, and protests led revolutionaries to want change. Mao Zedong was influenced by Marx and Lenin’s ideas of communism. Unlike previous communists, Mao believed Chinese Communists should seek support from peasants since they’re the majority. He pursued his idea by redistributing land to peasants and offering them schooling and health care. Also, he led the Communists in the Long March, which resulted in success. After his victory against the Nationalist party, Mao and his forces had control of mainland China.
Both Mao Zedong and Mohandas Gandhi’s enforcement of ideas brought change. Zedong strengthened China and Gandhi put India on the road to independence. The results of their actions show how...

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