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The Use of Figures of Speech in Frost’s “Nothing Gold Can Stay” Essay

  • Submitted by: suryotri
  • on May 29, 2012
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Suryo Tri Saksono

Abstract: Robert Frost’s poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” portrays the shortness of life. Its rime scheme (aa bb cc) shows the beauty of the poem. This study reveals the content of the poem based on the use of figures of speech. From the analysis, it is found out that: First, Frost succeeds to use figures of speech proportionally. Second, Frost emphasizes that nothing perfect, beautiful, young, or pure in our lives, can ever last.

Keywords: alliteration, personification, youth, perfect, old, die.

“Nothing Gold Can Stay,” published in 1923, is one of the most beloved poems by Robert Frost. It is composed in a unique, yet beautiful language, incorporating figures of speech, imagery, diction and symbolism. The poem even succeeded to win a Pulitzer Prize the year after it was published. Similar to many other Frost poems, “Nothing Gold Can Stay” is composed in aa bb cc format, with rhyming couplets, making the poem flow beautifully when it is read aloud. This poem has been cited in many occasions numerous times for its beauty. Like many complex poems, however, this poem has much deeper meaning than what appears on the surface. It is full of symbolism and rich with imagery.
The important message in this great literary work is that everything must change. Even the greatest moments will slip away all too quickly. Even the poem itself, so beautifully written, only consists of a few short lines. Frost serves this theme cleverly through the use of nature. He employs the color gold as a symbol of something pure and fascinating. In nature this can be the representation of the dawn of a new day, when the sun is shining over the horizon and coloring golden hues throughout the land, or a fall day when the trees have golden leaves before they fall and fade away.
Not only the changing colors, but all routine cycle of life and death found in nature is similar to human life....

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