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The United Nations And The Delian League Essay

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  • on January 29, 2012
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The United Nations and the Delian League have much in common. Both the Delian League and the United Nations provide protection for their allies. If one country needs help in a fight or just needs help, the other allies would go and send them   some help. Another way they are similar is that they were both formed after and because of wars. The Delian League was formed because and after the Persian Wars, and the United Nations was formed after and because of   World War 2. Lastly, both the Delian League and the United Nations had the same enemies. So if Germany or Sparta wasn’t in the United Nations or Delian League, then the countries or city-states that were in the United Nations or Delian League couldn’t be allies with them because they were enemies with them in the group of allies. Even though these groups were founded in a different time period, it doesn’t mean they can’t be similar.
Although the Delian League and the United Nations have much in common, they are still very different, too. In the Delian League, Athens technically ran it. Other city-states had to pay Athens and give it money just so they could stay in the group and be protected. They also had to pay for the ships that protected them. But in the United Nations, everyone was equal. There was no head country or anything. The other countries also didn’t have to pay another country for their own protection; they would just give and get it. Lastly, the United Nations supports their allies while the Delian League mostly only supported Athens. But the United Nations supports its allies with money, food, protection, or whatever else they need. They all help each other in the United Nations. The Delian League and United Nations are very much alike, but also different at the same time.

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