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The Reluctant Fundamentalist Chapter 8 Summary

  • Submitted by: Jeetendra15
  • on February 5, 2014
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• At American’s constant uneasiness by the waiter, Changez assumes that the waiter’s abruptness is possibly due to the fact that he originates from a region near Afghani border. When the waiter arrives at their table, Changez orders dinner for both himself and the American.


• Once again, Changez had lost contact with Erica for over a month after their intimate encounter. When Changez arrived at Erica’s house, her mother told him she (Erica) doesn’t need a boyfriend. She needs a friend, and suggested that they avoid seeing each other.
• Erica seemed to be broken down when Changez met her, yet she worsened when he asked her about her novel. Erica tried ignoring Changez after telling him that she was too distressed to converse with her agent. Changez realised that she was disappearing into a powerful nostalgia, just like America.


• Once again, the American’s cell phone rings, and he replies by texting. Changez assumes it must be his boss keeping a track of his position. Their attention is diverted to the chicken dish grilling nearby-by its fragrance.


• To come out of his concerns, Changes pushed himself into his quantifiable-and hence knowable job.
• A night after work, Changez encountered a man in the parking lot mocking and taunting Changez in a stereotypical Arabic accent. He articulated some abusive words as his friend walked him away from the spot. Changez yelled, “say it to my face you coward, not as you run and hide,” after which he sat stunned in his car.


• Changez assures the American that he speaks complete fact.


• Couple of days later, Changez was invited to Jim’s apartment, where he saw renderings of naked men along the walls. Changez was questioned by Jim if there was anything wrong with him, and Changez repudiated that the reason was the Afghanistan bombings. If you (Changez) ever want to talk, give me (Jim) a shout. Here, Changez...

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