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The People Whom I Dislike Essay

  • Submitted by: hafiz
  • on January 9, 2011
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The Person Whom I Dislike.

  We cannot be friendly with all the people we came to meet. We dislike people for good reasons. The person I dislike most is Azman, who is my classmate since from form 1.

        Azman come from a rich family. He is very clever boy.He never being stingy to teach people. He has a big size body. Due to this,everybody afraid of him.To me without doubt,he is the ugliest creature ever being created in this world. Every time anybody mentioned his name in front of me, I can feel my blood in my tiny veins boiling like hot boiling water. Looking at his face alone is enough to make my resentment and repugnance arise.

        From from 1 until now he never change. He always bully his friends including me. Although he has all the thing he wants, yet he asking me to lend pencils and eraser if I refuse to give him,he will pinch me up and give me a warning don’t report to teacher.He also fights with people who arguing his opinion.Sometimes,when we have our Pendidikan Jasmani,he will giving a reason to teacher that he is having stomach ache.While he left alone,he will hide people school uniform and this will cause students fight with him.At last,he will said that he was joking and asking for apologize.

          Worst comes to worst, his voice is just so annoying! If I were to be left alone in a room with him, I believe I might die simply because I listen to his annoying and shrieking voice that is high pitch enough to make my eardrums break. I’ve never really hated anybody before, except for him. He seems to have all the reasons and causes to spark my hatred and disgust towards him. Looking down to his stomach, I thought it would blow someday because of its immense size resulting from non-stop consumption of burgers and big bottle of Coke which are his all-time favorite meals.

        Although he being like that,he is very generous.He always spent us to drink ‘cendol’.Beside that,he always giving his friends money.

        There is...

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