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The Importance of Saving Money (Speech) Essay

  • Submitted by: Margerate
  • on July 14, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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The importance of saving money (speech)

              A very good morning to Mr. Ang Tauk Khoon, our respectable principal, teachers and   fellow friends. I am Tan WenXin Margerate and I am from 3PD1.Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share something with you today. Today, the topic of my speech is “The importance of saving money”.
            Saving money is a good habit and should be practiced from young age because it is very important to everybody. We should save money for emergency crisis. Unexpected and emergency expenditure expenses can come in many ways in one’s life such as a sudden hospitalization, a job loss, an accident and any other. Financial crisis can happen in anytime. Hence, saving for any emergency can give the much needed and required help to overcome such crisis. Most importantly, we need not depend or search for some other supports, which may at times not turn up when you require the most.
            Children should learn how to save money since young. Saving money helps to lessen the heavy responsibility of their parents. They can also buy their own items without asking money from their parents. Saving money also help children to be more independent. It will be easier for them if they practice saving money from young age when they grown up.
              Besides, saving money can indirectly help to discipline a child. This is because saving money not only prevents any financial difficulties during emergency cases, but also help them to have a wider point of view about the future.
              Adults should save money for their retirement. Saving for retirement seemed premature while mid-30 but there is such a thing called early retirement and forced retirement planning. Unforeseen reasons may come up which could lead to these things mentioned so it is better come prepare for it. As nobody wants to reach retirement and deal with the stress of having to work like an ant.
                Before I end my speech, I would like...

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