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The five senses Essay

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Lesson Outline For Five Senses Unit

Essential Question 1.   What are our five senses?
Lesson 1:   What is important about our five senses?
Lesson 2:   Which of your five senses do you use to help identify an object?

Essential Question 2.   How do our five senses help us gather information?
Lesson 3:   What part of the body do we use for smelling?
        Can we identify things by their odor?
Lesson 4:   What parts of your body do you use to help you find out how
                  things feel?
                  Why is the sense of touch important?
Lesson 5:   Can we discover things when we use our sense of hearing?
Lesson 6:   What part of the body helps us see?  
Lesson 7:   Do our eyes help us see color and shape?
Lesson 8:   What part of the body do we use for tasting things?
      Can you describe things by the way they taste?
                  Are all tastes the same?

Essential Question 3.   How do our five senses help us sort and classify objects?  
Lesson 9:   How can we use our five senses to help us make inferences?
Lesson 10:   How do our five senses help us to classify objects based on
          similar properties?

Essential Question 1
What are the five senses?

Lesson 1:   What is important about our five senses?
Tell the students they will begin the new unit by going outside to take a little walking trip.   Ask them to talk to each other about their experiences on the trip to help them remember everything they can about the trip.   Students go on a walk for at least 15 minutes.   Ask question during the trip.
When you return to the classroom, have students brainstorm by describing what they experienced, describing their trip.   If the students don’t mention each of the five senses, ask questions:   Did you smell something?   What did you hear? See? What did you feel?   When you smelled the cafeteria food, could you taste it?   Did you see (animal)?   What color is the sky?   Did you see any cars?   What parts of your bodies did...

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