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The Family Stone Case Study Analysis

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  • on July 17, 2011
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The Family Stone Case Study Analysis
Case Study and Presentation
Barry University

The Family Stone Case Study Analysis
The case study we chose to analyze is from the movie The Family Stone. The system we are looking at is the Stone family who is composed of a mother, father, two daughters, and three sons. The movie takes place in Connecticut in a beautiful small town over the Christmas holiday. The children of the Stone family are scattered across the country and are all reuniting at their parent’s house. The main conflict that arises from the very beginning of the movie is triggered when the oldest son, Everett, brings his girlfriend, Meredith, home to meet the family. Everett is a handsome successful business man who is looked up to by all the members of the family. Everett takes on the role as the oldest child of five by always being responsible, successful, and poised. The image that Everett portrays is accompanied by his similarly behaved girlfriend. Meredith is also a successful business woman who appears uptight and quirt. Both Meredith and Everett arrive at the Stone house dressed professional and stuffy, which is the opposite of the laid back style at the Stone family home. The arrival of Everett and Meredith cause a disruption in the family system because of Meredith’s presence and sends the entire Christmas into chaos.
Although Everett, being the oldest, has a great impact on the family, the mother, Cybil, is truly the boss of the Stone family system. Cybil is outwardly opinionated about everything that has to do with her five children and speaks about it to all the members of the family. All of the children, and their significant others, acknowledge that Cybil is tough and often overbearing, but they all love her dearly and follow her lead. Throughout the movie, the kids often refer to their mother as “Cybil” implying she can be too tough to warrant the affectionate name “mom”. The father of the Stone system, Kelly, plays a passive but peace...

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