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The Effects of Fertilizer on Plant Growth Essay

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Lab Report
The Effects of Fertilizer on Plant Growth

      Ever wondered about how can something increase the growth of a plant? Just as vitamin and mineral supplements help humans get the best level of the nutrients they need, fertilizer performs a similar function for plants. Fertilizers (both inorganic and organic) offer varied combinations of nutrients designed especially for use with specific types of plants and in specific setting. Thus, it should lead to the following experiment. The purpose of the experiment was to see if the amount of fertilizer to the plant following the name “Wondering Jew” will increase the growth of the plant.
      The hypothesis is as followed “If we add 50mL to the Wondering Jew the growth rate will increase rapidly.” If adding 50mL, which is not much, rather than a bigger amount works better, and then it is more economical since it doesn’t waste much and the plant can take a sufficient fertilizer without drowning. The materials are the as stated: One Wondering Jew Plant, Soil, a Styrofoam, Water, a ruler, a camera (optional) and Fertilizer (Miracle Grow).The following procedure will be followed for a 2 month time period (8 weeks). First, gather the materials and place them on a flat surface. Second, take the Wondering Jew Plant, which should be filled with the soil and the plant. Next, measure the height of the plant starting from the top of the soil to the top of the plant and record it a data chart. Next, count the leaves. Then, add the 50mL of fertilizer and record the data. After, the materials are cleaned up, place the plant in a safe environment. Finally, after all the lab procedures are completed, the results should be recorded on a chart. (Shown on the following page) The control (independent) of the experiment is the growth of the plant and the variable (dependent) is the amount of fertilizer....

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