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The Differences Between Single Life and Married Life Essay

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  • on September 5, 2012
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Below is an essay on "The Differences Between Single Life and Married Life" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In Chinese traditional culture, marriage is more common and important. Most married people know how their life changed from being single to married. But single people may not know the experiences of married people. In fact, there is a difference between single life and married life in terms of freedom, finances, work and planning.
                The first difference is freedom. Single people have time to do activities as they like such as playing sports, going to parties and going on trips with their friends. But married people have little freedom because they take care of their family, and they may attempt to do housework and help their children with homework.
                Second, their finances are different. The finances of single people are individual. They never save money, for they have many hobbies such as playing sports, taking trips and going bars. However, a married person has to use his money to support his family, including his wife, the children, and parents, and he saves money for future expenses such as his children’s education, health care, life insurance and housing.
                Third, the work of single and married people are different in that single people have more freedom to choose their jobs for they don’t support their own family, just maybe only their parents. Therefore, they may attempt different kind of work until they reach their goals. On the other hand, married people will work more hours because they may be forced to choose a job that they don’t like because of its good pay.
                The final difference is in planning. Single people may attempt many times to reach their career and personal goals, but they are unable to plan well, for they don’t have experience and fail. By comparison, married people’s plans are more stable and step by step, for they have experience. For example, they may have a plan to divide their money into different pots such as careful investments, children’s education, family expenses,...

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