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The Destructors: A Literary Fiction Essay

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  • on April 26, 2012
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It is difficult to decide exactly how many types of fiction there are and what kinds of fiction they are. However, most of readers will agree with the idea that there are two broad classifications which are literary and commercial fiction. The literary fiction focuses on offering intellectual stimulation and broadening understanding of the world, and of the human beings   while the commercial fiction aims at satisfying expectations and needs of readers, and bringing pleasure to readers. “The Destructors” by Graham Greene is a short story that dramatizes the rebellion of a group of youths who had grown up in the post-war conditions of life, never known a reality other than war and its aftermath are against society. This drama story helps the readers to understand why a group of teen boys are against the society. Set in London’s Wormsley Common, much of which is heavily damaged during the German bombing of WWII, this story centers on a local gang of boys. After two of its members, Trevor and Blackie, struggle for leadership of the group, the boys decide to systematically destroy one of the last beautiful standing house in the neighborhood. “The Destructors” is a work of literary fiction because of its person versus society conflict that boosts the complexity of moral issues, suspense that helps to enlighten the behaviors and thoughts of the character and its multilayered and complex characterization.
One of the elements that makes “The Destructors” a literary fiction is the moral conflict between the characters and society in the story that can’t be defined in terms of clearly moral absolutes: the right thing or wrong thing. The moral conflict between the boys in the gang and the society is described by their determination to put down the house of Old Misery which stands for old values of society and symbolizes of the upper-class “It’s a beautiful house…it’s got a staircase two hundred years old like a corkscrew.” (Greene 56) The house is old like the values of...

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