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The Color Purple Essay

  • Submitted by: Dukechic
  • on November 4, 2011
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“The Color Purple” takes place in rural Georgia during the early 1900’s and tells us the story of a poor, uneducated, fourteen-year old black girl Celie and her pretty younger sister Nettie.   The film opens up with the sisters playing in a field of purple flowers, which soon interrupted by their stepfather.   Once in site it is apparent that Celie is pregnant not once but twice by her father who had taken the babies to unknown places.   Celie was forced to marry a widow man name Albert Johnson aka “Mister”.   “He is an evil man, his evil tempered to some extent by his ignorance; perhaps he does not fully understand how cruel he is to Celie.   Certainly, he seems outwardly pleasant.   He smiles and jokes and sings, and then hurts Celie to the quick – not so much with his physical blows as when he refuses to let her see the letters she hopes are coming from her long-lost sister.
Mister places himself in an assortment of situations, moments of lost comedy intended to make him look like a fool.   Some of the characters come from racist entertainers in variety shows; the cast consisted of men always beaming with a devilish smile and toothy grins.   “Blacks have continuously been stereotyped in movies since “Birth of a Nation” and neither “The Color Purple”, “King Solomon’s Mines” nor any other updated degradation of black people which happens to also employ hungry black actors and actresses.
I think the problem with this film was the lack of white characters.   The men in this film were not portrayed as being rough to one another, nor did they control women because they are brutalizing by a racist culture. “Since most white Americans have little contact with their Black Country men, the white perception of black people is based almost entirely on what they see or read of blacks in the national media.   On television, for example most black men are depicted as thugs, dope addicts or fools; and, consequently in real life, most white people would be terrified to happen upon a...

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