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Paulo Freire perfected the teaching of adult literacy in poverty stricken areas of his homeland and third world countries.   He saw that the narrative form of education stifled creativity and growth.   He dubbed this form “banking” education.   What he found effective, was a dialogue form of education which was based on current reality.   He named this “problem-posing” education.   In this essay I will discuss Freire’s viewpoint on education, “banking” education as an unhealthy teaching style, why “problem-posing” education works, and how these styles affect learning.
Paulo Freire was born in 1921 in Brazil.   His parents were middle class, but they suffered greatly during the Great Depression and became poor.   It was during this time that Freire learned that people are people regardless of their social economics.   As an adult he studied to become a lawyer while working part time as a Portuguese teacher.   “During this same period he was reading the works of Marx and also Catholic intellectuals-Maritain, Bernanos, and Mounier-all of whom strongly influenced his educational philosophy.” (National-Louis University).   When he was twenty-three he married Elza Maia Costa Oliveira of Recife, a grade school teacher and had five children.   Once he became a parent, his interest in the theories of education grew.   He began reading almost exclusively material pertaining to education.   Education and the theory behind it became so dominant in his life that he stopped working as a lawyer all together and began working as a welfare official and later as a director of education.  
Eventually, Freire initiated a program whereby he taught adult literacy to illiterate peasants.   Many of whom were revolutionaries living under the oppressive thumb of military occupation, or recently liberated from this despotic regime.   When he entered these countries, the popular educational practices entailed alienating students from knowledge and keeping them ignorant.   Now you might ask how is it...

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