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                                The Telephone

Alexander Graham Bell was born in Edinburg, Scotland on 3 March 1847. He was educated at the Edinburgh High School and Edinburg University and University College London. He had two brothers: Melville James Bell and Edward Charles Bell. Both of his brothers died from tuberculosis. His father was Professor Alexander Melville Bell and His mother was Eliza Grace. After the death of his brothers they decided to move to Canada. They lived in the city of Brantford in Ontario. In 1873 Bell got a position of a physiology teacher in Boston’s University. In 1877 Bell got married to one of his student Mabel Hubbard and also had four kids. He had been interested for many years in the transmission of sound by electricity. Its complete success has made him wealthy. Alexander Graham Bell died on August 2, 1922 in Nova Scotia. He had a long life and had to invent the best invention in the world, the telephone.

    The telephone was invented in 1876, by Alexander Bell and his assistant A. Watson. He got the idea while he was working on harmonic telegraph with his partner Watson. When Watson was connecting the transmitter with the receiver, Bell heard partially the words of Watson and then he got the idea to make a device with transmitting sounds. Then, on February 14, 1876 Bell applies for the patent “improvement in telegraphy” for telephone. Bell invented the telephone by using the vibrations of a sound wave. When the sound waves reach the ear of the person at the other end of telephone they get the same effects as they would have, if they came directly from the speaker’s mouth. Itself telephone was consisted of transmitter and receiver and few wires. Transmitter transfers the sound waves to receiver, and via the wives we can hear the sound of transmitter. In June 25, 1876 Bell demonstrated his telephone in Finland on the worldwide electro technical shows.

  Alexander Graham bell gave to us the best thing...

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