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Technology: Friend Or Foe Essay

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After reading Amy Goldwasser’s paper, “What’s the Matter with Kids Today?”, it was easy to relate to the message she was trying to relay. She obviously feels very strongly about how ‘we’ use the internet, and what we could do with this tool, as appose to shirking its possibilities. She is clearly trying to promote its helpful uses, and wants people to assist their children in exploiting the internet’s assets to move forward.
Goldwasser talks about some of the grim aspects of our technologically advanced youth, and how they don’t explore the internet’s educational uses as much as they could or should. She brings to light that in a recent survey of, “1,200 17-year-olds, conducted by the research organization Common Core and released February 26, found our young people to be living in ‘stunning ignorance’ of history and literature.” (pg. 236, They Say, I Say)
She then backs this up with a frightening statistic that, “one in four teens could not identify Adolf Hitler’s role in world history...”   (pg. 239) However, along with these bleak occurrences, this generation of teenagers is also reading, writing, and sharing loads of information daily. Billions of people log on every day, and willingly write, about just about anything. So to automatically shun internet use among the younger crowd would be an ignorant and rash thing to do, considering we could teach this generation to apply these skills to a more useful outlet.
In conclusion, what Amy Goldwasser was trying to say was, that if this society were to come together, and really encourage today’s youth to broaden their horizons on the internet, the learning opportunities could be endless. With the world at our fingertips, we should learn how to utilize it and really try to inspire younger people to explore. After all, knowledge is power.

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