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Support System Essay

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  • on December 2, 2013
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Support System
    For most people, the family is a haven, but also to provide physical, psychological and emotional meeting place. The family is often the main source of care and social support, family members added the concept of mutual assistance among members of a lack of adequate family itself is a very strong support force, and has traditional features such as fertility, economic, social, emotional, religious , Entertainment, protection, etc. Function of the family will effectively influence affects the individual’s personality, attitudes, beliefs and values. The importance of family support systems that we can cherish our families no matter what type of family we are grow up.So does Anee’s family and my family. Even though we were born in different century, we do have some commons. People can not live by themselves, everyone need friends, family, and lovers.Now I want to compare Anne and my support system in three ways, father, friend and hobby.
    “The whole world had turned upside down.but i still alive,Kitty,and that is the main thing,Daddy says”(Frank 13). Anne’s father plays an important role in Anne’s family(Introduction). Not only important to the whole family but also important to Anne, especially Anne. Mr. Frank tried to keep his family alive, so he tried to find a place for them to live(276). They can stay away from Anti-Jewish, even just a little period of time(4). Mr.Frank never gave up the hope to live, so he also gave Anne’s this courage, never give up.(13) Mr. Frank also encourage   Anne, keep learning, learned the things she interested in(87). Because Mr. Frank did not die in the concentration camp and he decided to let Anne’s diary published, therefore we can read Anne’s story now (281). However, just like my father he also played an important role in my family. He is same as Anne’s father always encourage me to study. Now he let me study aboard to USA. He also providing our cost of living, give us a place to live and protect us without...

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