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Supersize me Questions Essay

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  • on April 1, 2009
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Questions for Super Size Me

Your notes, stapled to this sheet, are due on Monday, November 17.

As you watch the movie, write down facts and statistics that you think will help your argument in your essay, “Who’s To Blame.” In addition, write down people’s names and their positions/titles, so you can provide this information in your essay. Also, remember that you will need to offer specific information from the film -- quotes included -- for your essay.

What exactly is Morgan Spurlock’s intention for this film? What “rules” will he follow?

Note Morgan Spurlock’s health and weight at the beginning of the movie, (versus at the end.)

What do the doctors predict for the effects of this “experiment” on his body?

Spurlock’s girlfriend is a vegan chef. What does it mean to be a vegan? (It does not provide this info in the movie...you’ll have to look this up if you’re not sure.)

What opinions are presented in the film about “who is to blame”? Make sure you note WHO says this information, and what their credentials (position, degree, etc) are.

Note the information about sizes of fries and drinks provided -- what is said about calories and sugar?

How does Spurlock feel after eating? Note his different reactions.

What facts are provided about the kinds of health problems in the United States? (diabetes, obesity, etc.)

What information is provided about specific McDonald’s foods, such as Chicken McNuggets?

What health issues arise for Spurlock? What other reactions does he have to the food?

What solutions are offerred to prevent health problems in the United States?

What is surprising about the pictures shown to the young kids?

What role does the media play in the promotion of fast food?

What info does the film provide about nutrition?

What are the changes in Spurlock’s health and weight?

Where, does Spurlock say, where the impact of fast food is the most evident/obvious? Why? Evidence?


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