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Summary of Social Development

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on August 1, 2012
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Summary of Social Development in Adulthood

I chose this specific article because it has a lot of information about not only adulthood but also about all stages of life.   It has personal inputs from various people throughout our society on their experiences growing up from a child to a young adult to an older adult.   I find it very interesting because they not only put their personal experiences they also let you know what other things you might go through at that stage in your life.   Some of them talk about the psychological and social and physical growing we go through in our lives that end up making us what we are today.   Like marriage and mental health are brought up and comparisons also from other cultures to us here in the U.S.   Another part is where they compare parenthood and gender differences in parenting, and also cultural differences in parenting.   They also point out the cultural norms that may influence the retirement experience.   There is also a part that describes the eight stages of the family life cycle, honeymoon, nurturing, authority, interpretive, interdependent, launching, empty nest, and retirement.   There are many other areas that they help you understand as well as the adulthood.   I think this is a very interesting reading because I have learned from it and I love to learn as much as I can about all the stages of life in general.   These books are a second weakness and concern the use of sources that are almost exclusively from Western Europe or the United States.   There are many parts to this article like, Identity Development, Middle adulthood, and adulthood.   So this is a great article for learning a lot about the life cycle of the average human and understanding all we can so we can be better people in society.
Atcheley, R. (1977). The sociology of retirement. Cambridge, MA: Schenkmati.
Bohannon, P. (1970). Divorce and after. New York: Doubleday.
Cross, W. E. (1987). A two-factor theory of black identity: Implications...

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