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Study Abroad Essay

  • Submitted by: zjr696
  • on November 7, 2011
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n recent years, more and more people choose to study or continue further learning abroad. A big part of this, are caused by the development of economy and globalization. The world now is changing, and people are also changing. All of these lead to a trend of studying abroad. Studying abroad or not has become a hard choice for a student. Some people think: It is a rare and best chance to study abroad. We can not only study different cultures and knowledge of other countries, but also to enrich our life. But other students believe that they would like to study at home because it is lower cost and have lower risk. Combine with own currently situation, I’d like to study abroad. This essay argues that the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad. It is includes evidence, my impressions and conclusion.  
First of all, a well-know, the most important influence on studying abroad is to improve learner’s language. Although valuable, the classroom is not what attracts most learners to study abroad. Rather, it is the potential for extensive social interaction in the target language (pellegion, 1998). Many research have focused considerable attention on learners perceptions of their social environment and the importance of communicative interaction for their L2 development. Learner need large amounts of authentic linguistic input in order to advance their understanding of the language, and this may best be achieved through meaningful interaction with native speakers (Pellegrino, 1998). Studying abroad offers a language environment for us to speak with native speakers. There, they must talk to other people in English, whether you like it or not. For a long time to communicate with native people, many skills of the second language have been improving continually, especially listening and speaking skills. Therefore they can make good use of this opportunity to gain a good command of the foreign language that let they are learning very quickly. When studying in the home...

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