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Stuart: a Life Backwards Themes Essay

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  • on March 22, 2013
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In ‘Stuart: A Life Backwards,’ many themes are heavily present. One of these themes is addiction in both drugs and alcohol. In chapter 3, when Masters and Stuart are in Stuart’s apartment ‘Stuart reels off the names of his medications.’ This shows that Stuart is educated in legal drugs, only because he has been prescribed them in the past. Therefore, this suggests to the audience that taking these legal drugs which makes him feel better and less in pain physically so he thought that this would work for his emotional pain as well. However, in comparison to Stuart taking prescribed legal drugs, it us shows the audience in chapter 5 that he also takes Illegal drugs such as injecting heroin “to keep the costs down.” He started taking illegal drugs in his childhood, as he used to sniff glue and tippex which led to him loosing “five friends” from this. This helps the audience understand the effects of glue sniffing and that it is fairly dangerous for someone’s system. Stuart also understood this himself and this was another reason for him to sniff glue because every time he “was hoping it was his turn.” In chapter 5, it is suggested that Stuart wants to change his ways as he says to Masters “you’ll be doing me a favour to stop me having any. You’ll be doing society a favour,” suggesting that he doesn’t only want to change his ways for himself, he wants to change his way for the people around him and the people that mean the most to him.
Another theme throughout the novel in Stuart is abuse; this is done sexually, mentally and physically to Stuart. Because of Stuart’s disability throughout his childhood he was put through mental abuse and physical abuse as he was bullied by other ‘local children’ as they called him names, such as ‘spaghetti legs’ and ‘stu spag, stu spag, stu spag, which left Stuart with mental effects. During his childhood he came into numerous encounters of sexual abuse by his brother, his babysitter and Mr Laverack. Gavvy, his brother “had been...

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