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Strengths and weaknesses Essay

  • Submitted by: Toyozen
  • on March 26, 2009
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Strengths and weaknesses
Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and no two people’s are the same. It’s part of what makes us unique as human beings. When one may struggle with a given subject, they may make up for that with their skills in another. Or where one person has trouble another may do very well to help fill in the gaps, when people work together it helps if one is strong where the other is weak.

As an example, one of my personal weaknesses is that I have bad handwriting. To make up for that, I’ve spent a lot of time working my computer skills so that I can type long essays and other similar assignments. This has helped me to keep my grades from declining for a long time; I’ve never been one to write much of anything by hand, with more and more school work moving from paper to computers, the need to have good handwriting has been reduced. The tools available on computers can be used to help as a strength where I am weak. So where I lack in handwriting, I excel in typing.

In school, two of my strengths have always been science and history. These have been two classes that just came naturally to me, the laws of science almost never change, and history is permanent. Anything I don’t understand in these two classes I can always research more on my own. But while I do well in science and history, I’ve never done well with creative writing. If I don’t have a subject that I know a lot about, I end up with nothing to say, I’ve never been able to just create a story from nothing. With a weakness in writing, and a strength in science and history, I have been able to keep my grades average, so when I’m getting a C or even a D in some cases in writing, I’ve used my strengths to counterbalance my weaknesses.

Another example of my strengths and weaknesses is filling in extra space in an essay.
Most essays require five paragraphs, but I usually end up with nothing to say after about three.
This problem is usually resolved by filling the extra paragraph(s)...

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