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Street Kids Essay

  • Submitted by: sarahkhaled152
  • on November 5, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Now days Egypt faces lots of problems, one of the problems is homeless children. Cairo is struggling with an alarming number of homeless children. This is due to divorce, illegal birth, ignorance and one of the most important reasons is poverty. Homeless children have lots of significant causes that lead to many serious effects.
Homeless children are due to a lot of reasons. First, we can talk about poverty; is the state of having little or no money goods; condition of being poor. Egyptian families are poor and not educated that causes lots of problems that affects our country. An example of this is when poor families give birth to lots of kids and they don’t have the ability to provide their kids with the essential money they need. Divorce too, is a huge problem that causes homeless children; parents have fights all day long and they get a divorce without even thinking about their kids, the end as beggars, thugs and thieves.
Street children have lots of effects. One of the main effects is the psychological problems like addicted to drugs and being abused sexually and physically. Sexually as kids being raped in the age of six to ten years. Physically like beating the kids up severely. All these examples are important, that leads to a dramatic future in our society. Kids live alone, sleep in streets and get subjected to different threats.
To conclude, this serious issue, Egypt suffers from street kids. These children are in need of help. It might be hard to tell now days how many children are living in the street in Egypt, so we can stand together in order to stop this serious phenomenon.

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