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Strategic Planning Essay

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Strategic Plan Execution Writing Assignment

A plan is no good without good execution. Consider Dell computer’s strategic plan to move from direct retailing (only selling directly to customers as they called in their custom orders to Dell) to selling “stock inventoried computers” in Wal-Mart and Best buy and direct retailing. Considering the three core business processes below, and describe what you think had to happen at Dell to implement this plan.

1. People: Were new skills needed within Dell? Did they need to hire? Explain your answer in detail? Yes, new skills were needed within Dell. Changes effects reorganizations, initiatives t work in teams, requests to take on new job roles, and pressure to do more with less. Dell identified their Leadership Profile and identified a list of areas that needed improvements, such as staffing, training, coaching, performances management and succession planning. Dell worked with a Training and Development Department to build comprehensive program around Dell leadership profit. Dell didn’t necessary need to hire new employees, however, in order to establish a solid foundation for managing the knowledge techniques, skills, and processes required to achieve success in the Dell environment, Dell decided to have a Training and Development Program. This training helped managers to learn how to be successful, build skills in managing day to day leadership interactions. The new training program was aimed at newly hired, recently promoted and experienced managers and directors. More than 500 Managers have participated in the Manager@Dell Program. Data showed that after 6 months of training, 85% of managers saw at least a moderate improvement in the trained skills. More than half of these individuals saw a great improvement. So actually, Dell just needed to retrain their current Managers and newly hired.

2. Strategy- How is this going to get done? What is different about this business model. What does Dell need to do...

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