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Is speaking well more important than writing well? Essay

  • Submitted by: littlebush
  • on August 18, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Is speaking well more important than writing well?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In the modern society, the problem of whether to speak well is more important to write well not only draws great interests of linguists, but it also is a prevalent topic undergoing serious debate by citizens in that it affects their daily work. Actually, we are often told that to speak well is more important (than to write well), but is this really the case?留学,考试,TOEFL,GRE,GMAT,IELTS,SAT,VISA,文书,签证,论坛,出国,申请,美国,英国,欧洲,加拿大,USA Yo-e0m V2l U c ?-V
留学,考试,TOEFL,GRE,GMAT,IELTS,SAT,VISA,文书,签证,论坛,出国,申请,美国,英国,欧洲,加拿大,USA0G5Y K"m&T M k @/w
It's undeniable that to speak well have many merits. Speaking is a quick and convenient manner to express ideas. A typical example is in a debate, sharp speech can help one obtain the upper hand. Another example is when an advisor facing the questions from the students, to speaking well would be beneficial.
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Even though to speak well is fairly important, however, we have no complete evidence to suggest that it is always better (than to write well). Writing also has lots of advantages. Writing can break the limitation of time and space and put impact on more people. Confucius, a Chinese philosopher born 2000 years ago, is well known all over the world for the book-- The Analects of Confucius. In fact, the book was written by his disciples according to his speech. Otherwise, the great thoughts of Confucius can not live that long and reach us.寄托家园¬J5s2c¬q c R

Furthermore, under certain circumstance, speaking is not allowed. For example, many business or contract or legal documents have to be in writing. Still sometimes to speak is even impossible. Some people, who unfortunately...

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