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Song Of Lawino Essay

  • Submitted by: narew
  • on January 16, 2012
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One of the main characters in the poem Song of Lawino/ Song of Ocol written by Okot B’Bitek is very determined to put his counrty on a right track. He wants to modernize Africa and help people adopt european values, however ,his relatives do not want change their culture and are very sceptical about it. Do you think that Ocol‘s efforts towards development of his country and fast changes are appropriate?

The poem written by Okot B’Bitek Song of Lawino and Song of Ocol is a great explanation on how European culture and way of thinking differ from African one.The author, Okot B’Bitek presents to us two great characters who are opposite to each other. The main character Ocol who works in government and has a lot of experience about European culture wants to modernize his country to improve people’s standard of living.He is very modern and wants radical changes.On the other hand Lawino, his wife is more conservative and does not believe in those changes, saying that they will ruin African identity.Ocol, however, sees his efforts as excelent attempts and believes that only those changes can switch African society to look better. My point of view differ from Ocol and therefore, in my opinion Ocol’s efforts towards development of his country and fast chanages are not appropriate.
The first argument which shows us that Ocol’s changes are not appropriate is the fact that the main character despites Black people and their traditional ways adopts European values. He wants to change many things. Some of his efforts cannot be accepted by Africans because they interfere too much in their way of thinking. The first big change and something that differ Ocol from his „people“ is that he is ruled by time. This essential change links to many parts of   their life and somehow destroys their African values such as hospitality or kindness. Ocol believes that there should be fixed time for everything and everything should has its own place. The African values have lost its importance...

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