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Social Disorganization Essay

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  • on January 19, 2011
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Social Disorganization Summary

Social Disorganization
      Social disorganization is a rather difficult term to define.  It basically refers to as “The failure of social institutions or social organizations in certain communities and/or neighborhoods” (Austin Peay State University, 2006). Social disorganization theories suggest that a breakdown in social norms and opportunities has occurred and that the resulting frustration causes people to choose criminality as their only source of success. Social disorganization is also explained as “The inability of a neighborhood to solve its problems together” (Austin Peay State University, 2006).
          Some researches over time have developed different theories on social disorganization. They range from ecological approach, ethnic succession, and illegitimate means of obtaining success.   Some theories are relative deprivation, queer ladder, differential opportunity and anomie theory.
      The ecological approach attributes inner-city crime as relative deprivation. This theory suggest that when communities where the rich and the poor live in proximity to each other, causes feelings of hostility, anger and social injustice and anger. Youths of the inner-city poverty believed that they are deprived of the benefits of the rich community. They believe it is impossible to attain money and success through the conventional ways.
      The queer ladder theory is a classic way of American way of crime. This theory points to a ladder of mobility. This theory states the second and third generation were not as able to obtain wealth via respectability and legitimate social status. These children were excluded from the “ladder of mobility.” They turned to crime as a means to obtain the respect and wealth.
      The differential opportunity argument is based on the lower male population. The Cloward and Ohlin’s argument discussed that the males economic structure is fixed. If the males fail to meet certain culture expectations...

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