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Social Development Essay

  • Submitted by: shauna01
  • on May 9, 2012
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Social Development
December 18th, 2011

The article I chose to use from the university library related to issues of social development in adulthood is titled Social Knowledge and Goal-Based Influences on Social Information Processing in Adulthood, by Thomas M. Hess and Dana Kotter-Gruhn and the North Carolina State University. I chose this topic because I found the information very interesting and relevant. I chose this article because it is credible.
This article goes over how the author conducted two studies that investigated the potential influences of social experience and chronic socioe-motional goals on adult’s social judgments in an impression formation task. The results show that middle-aged and older adults were more sensitive to trait-diagnostic behavior information than the younger adults were. Though, the older adults paid more attention to negative than to positive information when it came to morality traits. When it came to global social evaluations older adults were less likely to adjust their evaluations in response to situational goals. Also, older adult’s judgments were more consistently influenced by their attributions of traits that affected the outcomes associated with interpersonal interactions. The end results demonstrated the interaction between social knowledge, situational social goals, and chronic socioe-motional goals in determining age differences in social information processing. The age range for the older adults was 65 to 85 years and 46 percent women and the younger adult age range was 20 to 44 years and 52 percent women, they also used some middle aged adults that ranged from 45 to 64 years and was 54 percent women.
If I had to write a research paper on this topic I would use this article as a resource for information. I would use it because it seems to me to be credible and relevant. The reason I think that it is credible is that references are sited, it is not bias, and it is not formed on opinion. Also, there...

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