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Soccer Essay

  • Submitted by: ESKORIA123
  • on March 3, 2012
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Christian Ibarra
Instructor: Kathryn Hudson
Eng. 1A

Evolution of soccer shoes
Ever since I have been playing soccer I've bought quite a few pairs of soccer shoes. One day my dad went with me to the store to buy some soccer shoes and I saw some bright yellow soccer shoes and decided to get them, my dad did not like them at all because they were to bright and colorful also they were very light weight . His reaction was " there’s nothing better than all black soccer shoes "and “these shoes will not protect you at all if someone steps on you”,   but I didn't listen much to the comments he had made at the time.
When I got home I looked at soccer players in the 80s and I notices that only black soccer shoes were made back then and know that my dad had worn nothing but black soccer shoes. Since then I made some research on the evolution of soccer shoes”. I was going through some sites in the internet and some were just soccer sites that were selling soccer shoes. After a few times searching I found the history and how the soccer shoe has come a long way since they were made. I learned that the soccer shoes were invented by a shoe maker in the 1820’s that king Henry VIII hired. They were made out of pure leather, looked more like construction boots, A few years later they would hammer metal tacks to the sole of the shoe to get grip while playing the game. I became more interested about the subject and started to get more and more into the research. I wanted to know in what era were the most dramatic changes in soccer shoes. In the early 1860’s they were rules on what types of metal tacks could be used in, it was prohibited to use projecting nails and iron plates as tacks. They had to use aluminum rounded tacks, they were now names studs instead of tacks. The grip problem was solve but now they were trying to find out ways to improve the shoe itself because many would complain that in wet conditions the boot would weight three times as much because it would...

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