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Semiotics Essay

  • Submitted by: TarHeel2398
  • on December 15, 2008
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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The commercial I am doing this essay over is a Bud Light commercial. I found it on You Tube and it was added on September of 2006 so it may be from that year. The name of the commercial is called “Parachuting”.

In the beginning of the commercial, you see a plane flying in the air and then it cuts into inside the plane and you see a group of guys with the equipment on getting ready to go parachuting. Then the guy that is by the opening asks the first guy in line “Are you ready?” The guy gives a yell and jumps out of the plane. Then he asks the next guy if he is ready and he tells the guy that he can’t do it. So the guys tell him to go. The jumper says no way. So the guy that is telling him to go then ask “not for some Bud light”? Then he tosses a six pack of Bud Light out of the plane and they both watch it. Then you hear someone running and it is the pilot running after the Bud Light and jumps out of the plane. They two guys watch him jump out. They look at each other, and then look at the cockpit. After that, you hear a narrator talk about how fresh, smooth, and real Bud Light is. As that is going on you see a bottle of Bud Light just twisting around in the background. Then the video cuts away from that and you see the guy kneeling at the opening of the plane telling the other guy “See ya dude!”, then he jumps out. As he is doing that, you hear the other guy yell out “Wait!” At the end of the commercial you hear the narrator say “It’s all here” and have a bottle of Bud Light in the background and that is the end of the commercial.

So the guys that is in the plane look like they are younger and adrenaline junkies. The guy kneeling by the opening looks to be the leader or teacher for skydiving. The first guy that jumps out is hyped up and excited. Without any question he jumps out. So the leader goes to the second guy and he acts scared and the teacher tries to get him motivated to jump out. So he entices him with a six pack of Bud Light to...

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