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Selfishness Essay

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Selfishness is a large motivator when it comes to personal goals. Instead of wondering what an individual can get out of a situation, they should be wondering how they can help others. When a person helps other they meet their physical and emotion needs. Helping others also brings compassion and compassion equals a better society.

In my lifetime I have had to overcome many different challenges. From family issues, to being a teen mom, I’ve had to deal with many different obstacles. Having only been sixteen, I was under a lot of stress from my family’s reaction to financial issues as well as having yet to finish high school.

A personal experience that has made a lasting impression on me has been my relationship with my husband, My relationship with Doug has made such a lasting impression on me because in my life, I’ve been let down and abandoned by a lot of people who should have always been there for me. Doug has taught me that there are still some decent people in this world.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had tons and tons of goals and ambitions. I’ve wanted to be a singer, actress, writer, lawyer, architect, etc. But as I’ve grown up a little more I have really started to focus on my values, what’s important to me, and what I really want out of life. My personal goals are to be a great wife and mother, because I know what it’s like to grow up without a stable family atmosphere and I want set good examples for my children. I also want to be a productive member of society and give to those in need- I also know what it’s like to be in need and I want to try to make others’ struggles a little easier.

I have several reasons to believe I will be successful in college. To start off, I am a very ambitious and passionate person- when I really want something and really dedicate myself to achieving it, I know I can do anything. Yes, I’ll admit I didn’t do very well in high school but I think a lot of that had to do with my family situation. Now that I...

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