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self defense Essay

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  • on March 9, 2009
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Self Defense
The right to protect one’s persons and property, both an affirmative defense to crime and the use of reasonable force to protect oneself from an aggressor defines what we call legal self defense. Self defense laws will protect you from any criminal liability for harm inflicted on an aggressor. Three words can describe what self defense is and when it may be used; unlawfulness, necessity, and reasonableness. These three words measure whether or not you were lawfully able to use force to protect either yourself or some one else in immediate danger or life threatening situations. However, the right to self defense is taken away to one who has considerably encouraged or provoked an attack against them. The amount of force whether it is lethal or non-lethal, also is taken into careful consideration depending on how those three words relate to the situation. To justify force, the other person’s action must be: against the law, force must be a necessity in protecting oneself or another person from immediate harm, and the amount of force must be considered reasonable with the circumstances that exist.
There are multiple forms of legal self defense to consider, more than just for protection for yourself. “Defense of another” is basically the same concept as self defense except that the necessity must be based on whether or not the person you are intending to help must be in need of immediate help from an outside interference in order for that persons safety and the reasonableness that the victim deserved assistance. Some states actually require that the rescuer be a member of the victim’s immediate family, the victim’s superior or an employee of. Most states require the rescuer to prove his intention was necessary to aid the victim and require you to “retreat” if either the victim or offender is to retreat first. So, you can not run after the offender and beat them down even after they have already hurt the person who you are defending and if the victim...

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