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Self Analysis

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This is an analysis of, analyzing his personality, locus of control and decision making skills.   Through quizzes and questionnaires in the Self-Assessment Library workbook by Stephen P. Robbins, a conclusion to his uniqueness, is what is being sought after.   One questionnaire at a time, if all goes according to the, will grow as a member of the unique organization of his employer.
The Jungian personality test is based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types.   After taking the test, the result was ENTP.   The E stands for extrovert, the N for intuition, T for thinking and the P for perceiving.   Each of the four areas of the assessment was very clear after being scored.
As an ENTP, the primary mode of living is focused externally, where you take things in through your intuition. The secondary mode is internal, where they deal with things rationally and logically.   With Extraverted Intuition dominating their personality, their primary interest in life, is understanding the world that they live in. They are constantly absorbing ideas and images about the situations they are presented in their lives. Using their intuition to process this information, they are usually extremely quick and accurate in their ability to size up a situation.  
This ability to intuitively understand people and situations puts them at a distinct advantage. They generally understand things quickly and with great depth. They are also flexible and adapt well to a wide range of tasks.  
ENTPs are idea people. Their perceptive talents cause them to see possibilities. They get excited and passionate about their ideas, and are able to spread their excitement to others. Their secondary process of introverted thinking drives their decision making process. Though they are more interested in absorbing information than in making decisions, they are quite rational and logical in reaching conclusions. When they apply thinking to their intuitive...

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