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Science A Boon Or Bane Essay

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Below is an essay on "Science A Boon Or Bane" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

he core of this topic frequents the home page of many prominent
websites, the thrust being technology- more harm than good.
Telling and judging by the experiences of my immediate relatives,
walking does you much more good than exercising your foot on the
accelerator. Agreed, cars and certain vehicles reduce the time taken
to reach a place but what good does it do to YOU in person, leave
alone the environmental degradation it brings about. Not only does
walking bring about external transportation but better transportation of
essential components within your body. It has been medically proven
that walking is a one of the best ways to reduce fat, and fight the
obvious implications of ageing. My very own grandfather has been able
to replenish his fitness and well-being by walking an hour a day.
Vehicles, rather expanded as vehicles of mass destruction- destroying
not only a person or a community but killing the mother earth as well.
The very recent and famous ozone hole formation can be attributed to
vehicular exhausts and other pollutants. On the other hand, we have
walking, which not only helps you but helps maintain an ecological
balance in nature.
Apart from benefitting the inner you, it also brings about a certain lift in
your mood and you learn and enjoy even the smallest of components of
Technology, in our India can be depicted as a poisoned piece of meat
amongst a hungry bunch of wolves; those who get it, boycott the others and simultaneously bring about their own downfall. We, technology-inflicted
humans fail to realize the essence of natural and traditional things.
Surprisingly, the people who walkl are looked down upon as they are imagined to
be economically inferior.
This shows us that an illiterate is occupying the driver''s seat, driving both
the car and the country.

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