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Same Sex Marriages In Australia Essay

  • Submitted by: Herceg27
  • on July 30, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Core values of Australian Society
The fight to recognise same sex-marriages has evolved into a major moral and ethical dilemma which continues to plague the political and social arena.   Such is the dilemma that many stand divided on the issue and some even go as far as stating that, “it is an infringement of basic human and democratic rights.”   As Australia continues to thrive in the 21st Century as a democratic and tolerant nation, its core fundamental values are being role of Christianity in society, the notion of marriage and family, the pursuit for equal rights and the role government and legislation plays in containing this controversial issue.   Furthermore, these factors have laid the foundation for the conservative society which exists today, but face major unrest as controversial issues such as same-sex marriages continue to rebel against the norms of society. “The world must no longer be blinded by ignorance, every man and woman has a right to love and a right to be loved.”   It can, therefore, be said that Australia’s core fundamental values are being undermined and challenged by the relentless push to have same-sex marriages legalised.
Christianity and Beyond
Firstly, since the dawn of Federation in 1901, Christianity has always been entrenched within the fabric of society. “The views of the church have always been at the forefront of every political and social decision and anything which was considered anti-Christ or immoral, was deemed to be an attack against the State.”   Therefore, any discussion of homosexuality during this era was considered socially unacceptable and frowned upon. But in retrospect, as the world evolves at a rapid rate, and people begin to immerse themselves in various societies, religion seems to be taking more of a ‘back-seat approach’. “The deterioration of conservatism created by the Church has now been substituted for more liberalist ideologies embraced by the average person.”   Thus, when it comes to same-sex marriages in...

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