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Roman Empire, Persian Empire, Alex The Great Essay

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The Roman Empire

Chapter 6

Kimberly Smith
Hour 2

The Roman Empire
The Roman Empire had many similarities concerning the political, economical, religious,   and social aspects of the empire with the Persian Empire and Alexander the Great’s Empire.
There were many political similarities between the Roman Empire and the Persian Empire. One similarity was how they both had governments similar to a monarchy. Persia had the kings, Cyrus II and Darius II, that focused on basing their governments on a democracy, which worked in the empire’s favor. Rome, on the other hand, had consuls, a senate, and tribunes, which all helped to give the people, both patriarchs and plebians, a say in the political issues. Also, both empires focused on expanding their empire. Persian kings Cyrus II and Darius II expanded through war, and the largest the empire became stretched from the Indus Valley to Egypt. Rome conquered civilizations one at a time, including Carthage and Mesopotamia, and at one point their empire extended from Mesopotamia to the Black Sea.
There were also many economic similarities between the Roman Empire and the Persian Empire. Both empires focused on improving their commerce. For example, Persia built a road system to help with their trade system. Rome traded using sea routes and roads that were protected from crime. Each empire had great wealth, which lead to architectural advancement. Persia advanced into imperial architecture, including Persepolis, and ceremonial and administrative buildings. Rome also built administrative, financial, and military centers, and some of their large cities included Barcelona and Budapest.
As with political and economic similarities, the two empires also had a few similarities regarding religious aspects. Neither the Persian Empire nor the Roman Empire forced religion or drastic changes upon their subjects. Persia did not impose religion on its conquered peoples and let them believe what they wanted to. They...

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