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Robotics Topics Essay

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Harare Institute of Technology

Electronic Engineering Department

EEE 421: Robotics Technology (2012 )

Lecturer: Mr. T. Pondani


Many definitions have been suggested for what we call a robot. The word may conjure up various levels of technological sophistication, ranging from a simple material handling device to a humanoid. The image of robots varies widely with researchers, engineers, and robot manufacturers. However, it is widely accepted that today’s robots used in industries originated in the invention of a programmed material handling device by George C. Devol. In 1954, Devol filed a U.S. patent for a new machine for part transfer, and he claimed the basic concept of teach-in/playback to control the device. This scheme is now extensively used in most of today's industrial robots.

Course objectives: At the end of this course, students should:

• Understand the basic concepts of robots, automation

• Understand the basic operations robot manipulator components, robot actuators drive systems and end effectors

• Understand the basic principles of robot motion and Analysis

• Be familiar with the concept of vision in robotics, autonomous/advanced robots

• Be able to design a robot implementation system

• Understand and be able to evaluate the basics of matrix representation: link equations and relationships, differential motion and velocities, calculation of the jacobian for a robot

• Be able to characterize common robot cell designs

Course content

1. Fundamental of robotics: Definitions of industrial robots, Robots and automation, Manipulation of robot components, robot technology level
2. Robot control systems: Open and closed loops, Servo system control: open and closed loop servo systems, feedback components: velocity transducers, positional transducers, servo amplifiers, position and movement signals
3. Sensors in robotics: Internal and external sensors, Types of sensors: proximity sensors, range finders, touch sensors, force sensors, Sensor...

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