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Rhetorical Analysis--Nothing but Nets

  • Submitted by: guocongjian
  • on September 10, 2013
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Nothing but Nets
    Nothing but Nets is a short but infectious article for the public welfare. The author is Rick Reilly, a famous sportswriter for the Sports Illustrated and Time magazine, who has received many awards, including the one from New York Newspaper. By referring some big events and the celebrities, like "9/11", NBA players and Bill Gates, the author intends to attract the rich Americans who like playing the sports or doing the works of mercy. Meanwhile, he also gains the interests of the readers who have the kids, as he writes for saving the African children lives. With a purpose of encouraging more people to donate money for helping the people in Africa by buying the mosquito nets, the writer uses a series of rhetorical appeals, including ethos, pathos and logos. In the next paragraphs, these three rhetorical appeals will be discussed separately, especially how the author establishes the link between rhetorical appeals and the purpose, successfully rousing the audience to make the monetary donation.
    In this article, the author uses a lot of ethos to convince the audience. For an essay which is to publicize a public welfare and encourage the people to donate their money, it is very important to set up a credible image to the audience. To achieve this, the author expounds the purpose with various elements of ethos. First of all, when talking about the donation, the author refers to some famous people, like Bill Gates, who also has donated his money. This fact can offer the audience a strong sense of credibility and persuade them to donate, by utilizing the large Gates' influence to the American people. Secondly, the author also tries to make the facts more reliable with ethos, which can gain more confidence from the audience. When discussing the situation in Africa, he cites statistics like "transmission of the disease would be reduced by 60% with the use of mosquito nets". To convince the people with this fact, he then uses the words...

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