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Review Of Literature, Motivating Students

  • Submitted by: bitter
  • on December 10, 2011
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The battle of investing junior high and high school students in academics has been fought by teachers across the country.   This research of literature will lay out some of the principal arguments and strategies for investing students.   Revolving around the role of the teacher, the review will provide evidence supporting the impact a positive teacher attitude can have on student motivation.   Additionally, the review will discuss the implications of classroom programs chosen by teachers, and how these programs may provide extrinsic or intrinsic motivation for students to become invested in a goal or the learning process.

The Keys to Motivating Junior High and High School Students
Teachers continuously struggle with motivating adolescents.   The research purports that there are various ways to improve student investment in school, highlighting the caring teacher’s mindset, and delving into details on how to improve both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.   While the research overwhelming supports intrinsic methods of investing one’s students, success stories among extrinsic motivators viably exist.   In order for students to be motivated to do well in school, they must believe that they are cared for by their teachers, see the benefits of reaching a particular goal, or see the benefits of learning.
Across a number of the research studies, the perceived level of interest among teachers for their students’ success proved to be undeniably linked to student motivation.   While one author argued that it is simply the general perception of the degree of teachers’ interest in overall student achievement which would affect students’ academic success (Muller, 2001).   Others held that it was the actual interest the teachers took in certain students that prevented these students from struggling with grades (Knestling, 2008; Lagenkamp, 2009).   While causal relationships were not defined, student academic achievement is strongly correlated to teachers’ investment in...

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