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Relationships In Romeo And Juliet Essay

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  • on April 29, 2009
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Love, romance, and emotion.   All are consistently present throughout the story of Romeo and Juliet.   Shakespeare does a good job of portraying several types of love in Romeo and Juliet.   Not only is the love between Romeo and Juliet shown, but the love within families, like brotherly love and parental love, is shown.
First off, friendly love is shown in Romeo and Juliet.   This type of love is the love between friends. It is based physically, but is mental.   In Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio and Romeo were the best of friends.   They were constantly around each other.   Whenever a Capulet came to fight Romeo, Mercutio always defended Romeo.   After Tybalt accused Romeo of harming him, Mercutio says “O calm, dishonourable, vile submission!   Alla stoccata carries it away (Page     ).” He then proceeds to fight Tybalt.   Friendly love is one type of love portrayed by Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet.
Another type of love shown in Romeo and Juliet is parent-to-child and child-to-parent love.   This is the love shown from a parent to a child, or a child to a parent.   Again, this love is not physical, but rather mental.   Lord Capulet and Lady Capulet care for Juliet, even if it does not always seem like it.   When they encourage Juliet to marry Paris, they are looking out for her.   In act three, Lady Capulet says to Juliet “Marry, my child, early next Thursday morn, the gallant, young and noble gentleman, the County Paris, at Saint Peter's Church, shall happily make thee there a joyful bride (Page     ).”   This shows that Lady Capulet is advising Juliet on the best possible man to marry, to ensure that she has a prosperous life.
A third type of love shown in Romeo and Juliet is between Romeo and Rosaline.   Called erotic love, it is based solely on physical appearance and physical feelings.   This phase usually occurs early on in a relationship.   Romeo shows this toward Rosaline because of how easily he forgets about her when he meets Juliet.   This is modeled by Friar Lawrence...

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