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Reflective Paper on Hrm

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Reflective Paper on HRM
Brandon McCoy
Inst. Bobbie Pippin
November 28, 2012

Throughout this paper I will demonstrate new learning about human resource management (HRM) that has occurred over the last 5 five weeks of class. I will identify specific current HRM and/or future HR applications relevance to the workplace. I will discuss how HR can impact future career plans or even in your personal life at home. The emphasis of the reflective paper is on how HRM is not just responsible advocating employee’s rights but also related fields such as HR planning, recruitment and selection, HR development, compensation and benefits, safety and health, employee and labor relation and EEO and affirmative action while explaining how each method of these related fields contributes to HRM.
Human resources planning
According to Youssef, One of HR department's most important roles is planning for the human side of the organization's operations (2012). HR planning is to promote innovation and flexibility and boost a competitive edge.   “Moreover, since performance is a function of time, it is in the best interest of the HR department to actively work towards promoting and sustaining a better use of time among all other departments of the organization.” (Youssef, 2012)   One way this can be accomplished is through using the assets from internally. HRM is therefore to create and maintain human assets that are also valuable, rare, inimitable, and no substitutable (2012). The HR department also establishes organizational goals and plans as they relate to human assets. Such as compensation packages incentives and bonuses for those employees that want to preform above the standard. According to Youssef, the department has to accurately judge the number of employees the organization needs to be capable of performing its activities and operations efficiently (2012). As we move down the line I will explain how HRM recruitment and selection is an ever changing...

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