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Reflection On Diversity Essay

  • Submitted by: elenamort
  • on April 22, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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Reflection on Diversity
Spring 2011

                                            Reflection on Diversity

My reflection on diversity stems from an experience I had in nursing school. The topic for the class was about cultural diversity, and the question was, If you walked into a crowded room and you saw three different groups of people. A group of Black people, a group of Hispanics, and a group of White people, taking your race into consideration which group would you go towards. When I was asked this question my reply was, that I would go towards the group of Hispanics, because I’m Hispanic and I would be able to communicate in my language with the people in that group. A few days went by, and I was approached by another teacher, who wasn’t even in the room for that lecture. She stated that a student had commented that I had made a racial statement. When I asked her what was said, she replied that I stated that I rather be with Hispanics, and not with people of different races. I tried to explain to her that I was asked a question, pertaining to the lecture, and that my response was only referring to the scenario. After that discussion with that Teacher I noticed that my relationship with the teacher had changed. She rarely spoke to me, and if she did she was not polite. I couldn’t believe what I said was taken out of content. I did find out who the student was that had made the complaint. She was a white student, and so was the teacher. I did confront the student and asked her why she made it sound like I was being racist. She said she didn’t appreciate my response. I asked her if she was asked the question in the scenario what would her response be, and she said it wouldn’t matter which group she would be with. For some reason I didn’t believe her answer. She also continued to say, that she was tired of my kind of people coming to America. I guess she didn’t realize that Puerto Rican’s are not...

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